This past Wednesday was my last day of work at Mt. Spokane High School... such a bittersweet time! It feels like we made the decision to quit our jobs and move back to the west side just a minute ago, and now the reality of work being over is here. 


Inevitably with yearbook and the school year coming to a close I've begun doing some reflection on my past three years at MSHS. I started with student teaching and was blessed to get hired after graduating Whitworth, and now have two years of teaching experience under my belt. Not long at all, but the lessons I've learned in that time are invaluable and I am grateful.  

Ultimately, I've learned much more about myself... I learned what kind of person I want to continue pouring work and energy into becoming. How I care most about listening to people and making them feel heard and valued with where they're at in the moment. I learned to stop caring what others think of me. I learned what kind of parent I want to be when my kid is older (I experienced A LOT of examples of how I don't want to be haha) and how I'm not going to be that parent who just complains so their kid can get their way. Teaching Yearbook showed me I still procrastinate just as much as I did in high school and college, and deadlines are not my friend. Yearbook brought out the worst in me- a lot of tears, swearing, panic attacks, late nights dreading work and feeling all sorts of anger and resentment... not good stuff. Becoming pregnant helped force me to step back and not let the stress affect me. I am still learning how to handle stress better, but yeah, I don't think teaching Yearbook will be in my future again ;) 

I recognized the days I was proud of the teacher I was and other days I left work disappointed and discouraged in myself feeling like I could never get it right. I'm sure it's normal and will always be a game of trying to get it right without totally losing your marbles in the teaching world. 

I just remember back in November feeling like I was so ready for June and it felt like a lifetime away. Now it's here, the school year is over, I somehow survived, my wedding is about 20 days away, and I am just beyond ready for this next season of life to begin. I'm embracing all the current transitions. I shared earlier that this baby was not planned, but man, I am so grateful for this timing! Transitioning into becoming a full time mama is the best job I could ask for. I always had this picture perfect vision of the type of woman I would be before having a baby... but life isn't perfect, I'm only 24 and have plenty of time to figure it out... but also giving myself grace as I know I'll never fully "figure it out". Ready to enjoy these last 4 1/2 months of pregnancy and time just Nick and I before our world shifts and we're probably insanely sleep deprived :) 

Well, time to go pack more and do another Goodwill drop off. Thanks for stopping by! 


Why Not?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I got to be home on the west side with family to attend my bridal showers- it was so fun! My sisters and my mom's sisters came, plus I got to get some Mitch and Amy time as they popped over from LA for a wedding. My aunts flew in from Indiana to join in the shower fun since they, unfortunately, cannot make it to our wedding. I love a weekend filled with family crowded in the house altogether. It can be loud, mom is constantly talking about the next meal plan, dad is always playing music or a game on TV, lots of chatter and laughter... but I wouldn't want it any other way. It's home. It's so good! 

Speaking of HOME... Nick and I are dropping another bomb and have recently decided to move back to the west side (Gig Harbor) at the end of June!! Lots of changes coming our way and we are both feeling like, why not? The west side feels like home and makes more sense for us to begin raising our family where our parents and more friends and mentors are. We want to enter this new season of marriage and parenthood feeling confident and prepared, so we are taking a plunge! I'm excited to be closer to the water! Ah, my soul is ready for that beauty. Just can't beat it, especially in the summer time.


Of course, there are a lot of unknowns with making this decision, but we're already feeling a strong sense of peace and support since we've decided on the move. Both our parents are happy to have us be closer. Especially mine considering we are moving into the downstairs area at their house until this winter, ha! We are incredibly grateful for their generous offer. Parents are just the best. 

Nick and I will be doing a fun-employment month for July to go on top of our wedding and honeymoon. We are looking forward to sweet time together just us two as newlyweds and before our little babe enters the picture. It will be a cherished time. During our fun-employment month we'll also be doing some job hunting and continuing to figure all those good life things out. But you know what? I truly feel no stress about all of this. It is a lot at once, but it's all good and positive so why be stressed? I experienced enough stress this past school year to last me a lifetime so I am done with the stress and negative reactions.

Life lately...

Aside from finalizing this big move, I've gotten to pop over to the west side several times the past month, Nick and I have treating ourselves to dinners out often (we are currently loving Anthony's!), and talking to our sweet baby more and more. I am 16 weeks along now! My little avocado inside can now hear us and begin to recognize our voices. So special. 

Nick has one more month of work left and I have less than two weeks of work left and am going through my little end of the year to do list. There is a lot of packing (in our home and my classroom) that has commenced already.  I seriously LOVE to declutter so I am just living it up over here. We are going to be purging through ALL of our things and only keeping the essentials- the functional and beautiful items used most often. Moving is such a wonderful time and excuse to go through everything and take a step closer to embracing a more minimalistic lifestyle. 

We will only have 3 cars total to make this move (including one truck- thank goodness!) and I am eager to embrace the challenge of fitting everything we need and want to keep with just that. I'll keep ya posted on how it goes ;) 


With a lot going on I am so very thankful for Nick, my almost-husband. We were chatting last night at dinner about how we're thankful and often unsurprised by how we're practically always on the same page. Big life changes like these (marriage, a baby, and moving) can be stressful or a lot all at once, but we're just continuing to praise God for ALL the good going on. Because again... why not? Life is an adventure and I'm blessed to have Nick's sweet and supportive soul by my side experiencing all the highs and lows.