A Sweet September

Happy October 1st! I’m sure I am not the only one who is feeling like there’s no way September is already over! It just started! Seeing October on my calendar I cannot lie… my stomach did a little flip (plus some kicks) knowing that next month is THE month that baby girl is going to make her debut… CRAZY!

September was sweet and filled with a lot of good things. Nick and I are feeling more settled living back in Gig Harbor, and currently staying with my parents we’ve been working on (well, let’s be real it’s just me who’s been working on this lol) making the downstairs organized and feel cozy. I’m in the middle of a mini bathroom redo- I’ll share photos once I finally get my guy to paint it for me! This month was filled with birthday’s, a heavenly prenatal massage, a much needed hair cut, my baby shower, and starting MOPs among other things.


Turning 25

Turning 25 was something I thought about as a very big deal. In my head it seems like 21, 25, and 30 are the last big birthdays to celebrate. Originally I wanted to do a trip to Vegas for my 25th and go all out. I definitely didn’t think I would be almost eight months pregnant haha. So the day was very chill and included yummy waffles made by my dad and husband, one of my best friends dropped off sunflowers, a walk to the water, a trip to target, and an awesome dinner. Simple and good. I told Nick I just wanted good food, snuggles, and to be by the water. I’d say it was a good day even though there was no Vegas ;)

I said to my family I think this 25th year will be the best and most transformative year yet. I’m feeling so excited for it!


I tend to like birthdays and think they are more powerful than the new year. They can be a chance to reflect on the past year and plan and dream for the next trip around the sun.

My 25th year is going to include having our first baby, figuring out what it means and looks like to raise and love on our baby girl, celebrating our first wedding anniversary- continually learning how to better love, support and communicate with each other, celebrating our baby’s first birthday, possibly (hopefully) buying our first home, and reaching some long-time health goals. This year will also hold some fun travel plans… the beginnings of new traditions :) What a year it will be!


This month has also been quite an emotional one… a lot of happy feelings, sometimes feeling overwhelmed by love and joy, but sometimes overwhelmed by fear or sadness. There are times I desperately miss my siblings and the reality of not living in Spokane where there was such easy access to my TJ, Allie and Katie…now it’s different and that can be hard to accept. I’m human and just miss my people sometimes.

34 weeks pregnant and I pretty much cry everyday a little bit for some reason or another. That plus not sleeping, heartburn, constantly having to pee… these make up my new normal!


Here’s a picture of my husband, Nick, incapable of smiling normally with my brothers Mitch and TJ in Arizona this past weekend. They went with my dad and uncles for a golf weekend trip- so happy for all of them to be able to just hangout, relax and spend some quality time together just the guys. I was definitely a little jealous of Nick when he was leaving- I miss my bros and want to hang with them too!

BUT while the boys were in AZ my mom and I had a fun last weekend and celebrated my baby shower. It was such a special day!! Will be sharing more pictures this week with some cute details and some of the sweet gifts baby girl got.


The rest of this October 1st morning I'm tackling a to do list and working on organizing baby girls room. A rainy Monday + some music and I’m all about being as productive as possible and starting out this new month and week strong!


My blog has recently gotten a little face lift. Simplifying things and the overall vision and purpose for everything… There are some things in the works, but feel free to check out my about page for updated basic info on me and what this virtual space is all about. Check it out by clicking >>here<<. Have a great day friends :)

Ebb and Flow with the Seasons

The air is crisp and fresh with the faint smell of rain. Fall flowers are in full bloom. The leaves are beginning to turn yellow and orange, soon we’ll see red. My mama has put up little pumpkins and other fall decorations in the house, and the fireplace has finally been turned on. Things are feeling c o z y. We’ve definitely got some Hygge vibes happening over here! Fall / Autumn (is there a difference? I’m not sure…) is my favorite season. So many people hate when summer comes to an end but I look forward to it because September is just the best! I loveeeee seasonal changes.


I’m 8 months pregnant and entering the last phase of this season of pregnancy. Just like the weather has subtly shifted here in the Harbor, so have I over the past eight months.

To ebb and flow… a recurrent or rhythmical pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth.

It feels like we are all constantly in the midst of a state of ebb and flow. We’re apart of a big body of water with long days or nights you don’t want to come to an end. To ebb and flow like drops in the ocean. Some seasons of life feel like a calm and peaceful river, while others can feel like a freakin’ typhoon with stress or worries or just straight crap coming at you seemingly non stop with no time to catch a breath.


As I begin to look back on the past eight months and think about where I started (including the first seven weeks I didn’t know I was pregnant) I was definitely in a state of decline. Working and creating that damn yearbook at my previous teaching job took so much of my time and ultimately, took so much out of me as a whole. I look back and feel sorry for myself because I was constantly stressed, ate like crap, didn’t sleep well, had no real routine, irritated and snappy, and was just barely surviving. That’s no way to be !! I physically felt like I was drowning. The waves were rough and I barely had my head above water most days. I remember last November wishing it was June but feeling like it was impossible for time to progress enough for me to get there. Now June has come and gone and that damn yearbook somehow got finished looking pretty nice, I had the wedding of my dreams, and now THIS November I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come!

I saw that tiny light at the end of the tunnel but man, that was a loooong season. More recently, my life has transitioned into a new season of regrowth. Time to ebb and flow. New waters have rolled in and it’s time to grow just like the sweet baby girl growing and developing inside my tummy.


Over the past eight months there has been so much change in my circumstances and in my heart. I’ve witnessed my body go through pretty incredible changes- some beautiful and some just hurt. I used to not sleep because of stress and now I don’t sleep because our baby is kicking me haha. I would rather have her kicks any day though! In the past eight months I would say I’ve grown in my ability to be honest, to be more intentional with the people in my life and spending time with Jesus. It’s great to be able to look back and actually recognize some positive growth in my personal development.

I was just saying to Nick last week how grateful I am for the NO STRESS I have in my life right now. I mean yes, the idea of birthing a freakin’ baby is quite stressful but let’s not go there haha. I just try to remind myself I am a WOMAN who was MADE TO DO THIS. SO LET’S DO THIS! That’s my little pep talk.

But really… since July my day to day has blissfully slowed down. I’m getting a lot of joy from all the books I’ve finally had time to read. I’m all about Danish lifestyle and parenting books right now. Also, no shame, but I love inspiring self-help books. I’ve got like 8 books checked out from the library right now so that’s probably the biggest stress in my life- finishing them all before they’re due! Lol.


I am beyond grateful for the tides shifting and the currently calm waters. I feel at peace with the direction of life as I’m about to turn 25 this weekend. It’s easy to say now, but I do believe it’s so important to go through and ride out the waves that are hard. To go through the shit, hit your bottom, or feel like you are drowning… in some odd and divine way, purpose and growth can be found. God can always turn brokenness into beauty. Seasons comes to an end. Change inevitably flows it’s way to the surface.

Those are the thoughts for this Friday I suppose. Thanks for reading friends! xo