Weekend Vibes

A weekend getaway to the Harbor is always welcomed in my book! I typically leave feeling refreshed and inspired. This weekend felt extra special because I got to see my oldest brother Mitchell who was in town from California. TJ, Katie and I drove to the west side for a relaxing weekend Friday afternoon. I don't know what it is about being home that relaxes my entire being and makes me ready for a nap at moment's notice...I am very lucky in that sense. My parents house- home to me really is a place of safety, comfort and relaxation. Not everyone is lucky enough to have such a place to look forward to. 

My weekend consisted of: yummy meals, fire pit outside, playing with Thor (aka getting scratch-attacked), walks with Sydney, exploring the most magical bookstore in Tacoma, playing cards at 7Seas, movie night watching The Arrival (super good!), and celebrating Tj's 25th birthday (just a few months late hehe). It was simple, but the best. Always feels too short, but always so good. 

Mitchell is someone incredibly special to my heart. I am always eager to see him and end up leaving inspired in some new way.  He, like my other brother TJ, has such a gracious and gentle spirit. He is a great listener, uncommonly kind, and so smart. Mitchie and I got to have time together just the two of us. We went on a long walk Saturday afternoon. I really cherish quality time alone with my family members. Because there are "so many" of us so to speak, it always feels special when I get one-on-one time with someone. I value Mitchell- who he is, what he has to say, or any advice he has to offer. Saying goodbye is always hard for me. I am the emotional little sister who loves too much! But I left this past weekend feeling motivated and inspired. Coming back to my little reality in Spokane, I have taken some "Mitchie and me" time home with me. After work I started going on long walks outside while listening to a podcast, and just taking in everything around me. It is very simple, but just after a week I am noticing how full and energized I am. Now I look forward to it once my school day is over! 

All in all, I am beyond grateful to have a family that makes me cry during goodbyes just because I love them and cherish spending time together. At the end of the day, I know I am so loved and have lifelong friendships within my family members. What a blessing! 

Mitchie and I on our walk- we ended up in front of the pretty water!

Mitchie and I on our walk- we ended up in front of the pretty water!

As always, thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope your weekend was restful and inspiring as well! xo