Constant Productivity // a reminder

I saw this cute image on Pinterest the other day and felt it rang so true.


Don’t get me wrong I LOVE having wonderfully productive days (or hours) and I love the feeling of accomplishment at the end of it. I always feel better about myself and my life if I did something “productive”. Lately, during the tail end of this pregnancy though, my being productive has been pretty small mountains to climb. Tasks like going for a walk, making the bed, maybe crossing one thing off of my to do list… like take a freaking shower haha. Suffice it to say that I have fallen victim to the lie that my worth and value somedays are tied up into how productive I have been. Some days I get caught up feeling just guilty for not doing enough.

Have you ever felt like that?

I know the truth, and know that every single day doesn’t have to be the most productive day known to mankind. It just can’t be! I think we all have things that we give ourselves a hard time about… Right now, I feel really disappointed in myself if I don’t go on a walk or keep up with my goal of having a weekly blog post. I want to have goals and things I’m working towards (always!) but it does take time and I have to remember to give some grace throughout the process. Maybe just because I worked on a blog post but didn’t publish it, it can still be considered a good day. Still making progress.

The reality is there are some days that we need to just BE, REST, and PAUSE instead of go go go and squeeze every minute out of the day. There are days when that happens and you’re just feeling good, on a roll and keep getting stuff done. On those days, especially if you’re in the mood and have the time, I say go for it! But we shouldn’t always feel that pressure that everyday needs to be like that… Hopefully this little post catches you on a good day (whether it’s a “productive” one or not) and is a reminder that it’s OK to just live your life and let each day look a little different. Your worth is not determined by your constant productivity.

Dads and Daughters

I’ve been thinking about dads a lot lately. Seeing as our baby is due in less than a month, Nick is about to step into the unknown, scary, magical and beautiful role of being a dad. And then living with my parents where I see my own dad most everyday (unless he’s traveling for work) has been really nice. The role of a dad is powerful.

 My sweet poppy walking me down the aisle this summer at our wedding

My sweet poppy walking me down the aisle this summer at our wedding


Days with my dad are special to me.

We’ve always been close. I would say we’re very similar and can talk about anything and everything. We love iced tea and sushi (not that I remember what sushi is, it’s been so long!), playing board/card games, and always having music on. He seems to always have an answer to my questions and isn’t afraid to challenge me into becoming a better version of myself.

My dad is sweet, strong, generous, loving, sensitive, a good listener, and super smart. He’s got four kids and I think he does a good job at making each of us feel special, heard, and valued.


There’s just something special between a dad and daughter and a mama and her son.


My brothers are so sweet, thoughtful, and kind to my mama. They are patient and loving. My sister and I are independent and strong. It’s been fun as my siblings and I have grown up to see our characteristics and which parent they come from etc. We definitely come from both of them! I feel extremely lucky for the relationships I have with both of my parents. Not everyone has that and not everyone even likes being around their parents! Since Nick and I have moved back to Gig Harbor at the beginning of July it has been really nice to be welcomed and comfortable as we stay with my parents. My dad travels for work off and on, more lately than normal, but I love it when all four of us are home and share a meal or just hangout together.You just never know how much time you have, so might as well be grateful through it all (the good and the bad) and cherish moments with the people you love. 

It’s been especially fun to see my dad and Nick connect and enjoy spending time together. I am learning how similar they can be sometimes and I don’t think that’s a coincidence :-) My dad’s opinion on the man I married has always mattered. I mean it was always going to be Nick, but it was a journey getting to that solidified place. Nick is confident, strong, responsible, and outgoing. A lot of similar qualities to my poppy. I do hope for a similar relationship for my daughter and Nick like the one I have with my dad.

All this to say so far, I think highly of both my parents, but I don’t put my parents on a pedestal. They’re not perfect, and Nick and I won’t be the perfect mom and dad either. We’re human and all make mistakes over and over again. We have to dish out grace upon grace.


I LOVE this picture of Nick and I. Our first ultrasound. Man, did that day make everything feel sooo real. We’re going to be parents!!! Over the past eight months we’ve had so many conversations anticipating, planning, and dreaming about our baby and what we want life to be like. Nick is so excited for all the fun we’ll experience as a family. I remember probably 4-5 years ago we went to the Puyallup State Fair and were walking through the kid’s rides section and Nick made a comment on how fun it will be someday to bring our kids and go on the rides with them - ah, my heart! How special that next fall we’ll be able to bring our little girl to the fair for the first time :)

I am so excited to see Nick step into the role of being a daddy and all that it means to have a daughter. There are so many fears and unknowns involved with parenting in general, but good thing we’ll never achieve perfection and have our whole lives to learn as we go.


I know Nick will be amazing. He’s shared with me early on how he always wanted to be a dad. He will be caring and protective. He’ll be silly and sensitive. He’ll make her laugh all the time and spoil her with love and affection. He’ll question himself at times (just as I will too I’m sure), ask a thousand questions, and lean on our people for support.

Like I said, dads are special and I can’t wait to see the special bond Nicky will develop with our girl over the years. I’m ready for her to COME OUT so we can experience her together! It’s different for Nick right now because he doesn’t feel her all the time like I do. I’ve already been building this little connection with her since we spend all day everyday together ;) I’m grateful we’re finally at end of this countdown to meeting her and it will be within the next month!

Our little girl is so lucky for who her daddy is and ALL the people who already love her so much. I’m grateful to confidently know she will be loved and cared for by both Nick and I. I believe babies are precious and bring BIG blessings. She already has and I just know this little girl is going to rock both Nick and I’s world and we’re ready for the adventure to begin!

Let the countdown continue: 22 days until her due date!