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Here's a snapshot of me: I am a PNW girl at heart who loves the ocean, flowers, seasonal changes, lemon water, and my two kitties Mimosa and Layla. I grew up in Gig Harbor, WA and moved back from Spokane summer 2018. with my husband due to welcoming our first baby girl November 2018! Nick is my husband, best friend, and childhood sweetheart. We got married July 6, 2018. November 20, 2018 changed our lives forever for the better- our beautiful baby girl, Gracelyn Love was born. This season of life is all about family, being present, learning and growing, and staring at our sweet Gracie.

behind the name: cultivate simplicity

Cultivate Simplicity was born out of the desire to create a space to share real life, for people to come be inspired and ultimately grow in community and self-love. My goal is to cultivate simplicity, balance, and joy intertwined throughout the days. Some days that might look like a cup of tea with slow, mindful sips. Other days it might look like a simple walk outside, a good conversation with a friend, laughing super hard with my husband, or reading a great book and turning the devices off. Our fast-paced world is only getting busier and people are only consuming more and more. Instead, I want to challenge myself and others to live a slow-paced life filled with contentment, be a consumer of experiences rather than things, and practice the art of being present in a moment.

 On the blog I break things down into three main categories:

Things about marriage, being a new mama, family & relationships in general

Things about overall wellness, self care, mindfulness and essential oils

Things about minimalism, living contently with less, home inspo and organization

more to check out on cultivate simplicity: photography

I have a lifestyle & portrait photography business on the side! Click the photo above to check out details and some specifics I offer.