Katie. My sweet sister-in-law. I seriously lucked out. Both of my brothers married amazing women.  (If only Mitch & Amy were in Spokane too!) Katie is a sister and one of my best friends...I am so grateful to only live two blocks away from this babe! We share a love of wine (yummy drinks in general let's be real), Gilmore Girls, watercolors and all things Anthropologie. 

She is kind, gentle, goofy, klutzy ;), hilarious, and so loving. Just like my brother, I have fallen in love with Katie, and having her apart of my life. I mean how can you not love her, just look how beautiful she is!

We went out to try and catch some of the last bit of light (thanks Daylight Savings...) which very quickly faded. Although it was a bit dark, it was so fun to be a few blocks from home and feel the urban city vibes through these photos.