Life Lately

Life has been busy lately! I am feeling like I need more time and energy in my day to accomplish everything I want to. There are so many good things going on, but seemingly never enough time! Well, here is a snapshot of life lately. 

Last weekend was Thanksgiving and it was a wonderful time spent in Gig Harbor. Lot's of relaxation, pet cuddles, yummy food & wine, and hours of Gilmore Girls. I am so thankful for my family and the Thanksgiving dinner we shared together. We have such a special dynamic. The way we love and support one another is something I am incredibly grateful for. 

Now I'm back in Spokane, and back to reality. I am waiting for it to snow! Although snow makes things difficult, and my apartment even colder than it already is, I just love how beautiful it makes everything! I am very excited to take some snowy pictures too ;) 

During this advent season leading up to Christmas, I am focusing on eliminating negative distractions in my life. Spending more time in scripture, reflecting, journaling, going on walks, and other things that bring me simple joys. I absolutely love Christmas time. It just feels magical and everything is cozy. I hope throughout this holiday-filled month you are presented with moments of gratefulness, joy and peace. 

Here are some random photos from Thanksgiving weekend.