Life Lately: Christmas Reflections

Happy New Year! I have been so excited for this new year to come. New year brings new hope and new things to get excited about and work towards. In the past few weeks I got to enjoy an amazing Christmas break back home with my family, move into a new apartment, start teaching again, celebrate my brother's 25th birthday, and create new routines. 

Christmas time is always  so special, and this year was no exception. It was a great break full of relaxation, walks with the puppy, good family talks, cuddles and scratches from Thor, crackling fires, and lots of tea & wine. This year, one of my brothers and his wife spent two weeks in Europe (jealous? yes, we all were...) which made Christmas a bit odd not having them there, but it was still wonderful. I grew up in Gig Harbor, and there is something so comforting and peaceful about that place. My parents make Christmas magical and fun. They have ever since we were all kids. I am filled with such a simple joy when I am home surrounded by family just talking, drinking, laughing, playing matter what we do, when we are all together I am overflowing with joy and thankfulness. They are lifelong friends. 


Another great thing about going home to the Harbor is the waterfront views. There is and always will be something about vast open waters that stirs my soul and quiets my spirit. One morning I took Sydney on a walk down to the water and just closed my eyes, breathing it all in. It was so simple, but all I needed. Sometimes I wish I could stay in a moment forever. That was one, and so was sitting on the bulkhead in Hawaii last January watching the waves good. 

My time spent home got cut short due to Nick and I moving into a new apartment back in Snowkane, I mean Spokane. It was another beautiful Christmas break. As I reflect on it, I am proven once again it really isn't about the stuff you get, but the people in your heart who make life FULL.

Now that Nick and I are moved into our new place and reality has kicked in again (and kicked our ass by both of us getting sick this past week!) we are so much happier. It's amazing to be in a space where the pipes aren't frozen and it's not as cold outside as it is in. To say that the space you dwell in affects your spirit or mood, is an understatement! Our new home is cozy and minimal. I couldn't be happier or more grateful for how everything has worked out. 

With 2017 already off to a great start (aside from getting sick this weekend!) I am feeling very hopeful and excited for all the good I know is coming this year. I am excited for Nick and I to continue working on becoming the best version of ourselves, and how to love one another better. I am excited to explore how to love and care for myself better. I am excited for travel and trips to see friends and family. I am excited to become a better teacher, friend, sister, daughter, and girlfriend (and maybe be more than just a gf this year ;) hehe). I am excited for an intentional year. Intentional is the word guiding me through 2017 (I will talk about that more in a separate post). I hope your New Year has started off strong and positive! Thanks for stopping by, xo.