Ocean Air: Hawaii Reflections

Surrounded by the ocean, eyes closed, deep breaths of fresh, salty air, and listening to the waves crash and crawl up the beach...this was simply the best experience I've known. I felt alive and free... About two weeks ago this time last year I was in Hawaii for three beautiful weeks. Naturally, I am missing those sun-filled days as Spokane is still cold and covered in snow. Although my time there was short, I remember it was exactly what my spirit needed, and has left me with the best memories. One of my favorites is just sitting on the edge of the bulkhead and staring out ahead to the endless ocean. At times it felt like nothing else existed. 

"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10

I remember one night, I couldn't sleep and went out to the bulkhead late and laid down, looking up at the brilliantly bright stars. The feel that ensued was as if the stars were literally falling onto me, as if I could reach out my hand to grab one. That feeling coupled with the sound of the crashing waves...it was magical. I remember multiple times if I were alone looking out to the ocean, I felt completely safe and surrounded. I felt Jesus in the quietness of the ocean and in the crashing waves against the bulkhead. I got to experience simply being still and being present. I got to just BE.  

 This was my backyard view everyday- such a dream!!!

This was my backyard view everyday- such a dream!!!


I sincerely believe the ocean has healing powers. It can make you feel alive and invigorated, or calm and nourished. Being by the ocean is my favorite place to be. Towards the end of the trip I got a little wave tattoo to always remember that special place and the way the ocean moved in me. 

I experienced beautiful and hard hikes with worth-while views like this one ^^^. It was amazing to feel so high up and see the ocean meet the sky as the horizon faded away... As cheesy as it might sound, I truly felt embraced by Wainaie and their culture and all-encompassing beauty. It felt like time slowed down there, which was so refreshing and inspiring! I love reflecting on this place and my time there because I am reminded to take things slow, spend time reflecting on beautiful memories and people, and to truly just love one another. Happy Aloha Spirit!