For as long as I can remember, my sister is someone I have looked up to and one reason why is because she has always consistently journaled and spends intentional time in the Word. I am trying to be more like her and do more of the things that simply bring me joy or make me feel full.

For Christmas this past year I got this beautiful journaling bible. It's perfect for me! I love being able to actively interact and engage with my bible in a way that makes most sense for me: through art! I love spending time with a passage or even just one verse, and pull what stood out to me and illustrate it. If you are someone who is interested or curious in a journaling bible or something new for your faith life...I say go for it! Especially if you are an artsy-fartsy person who loves colorful things :) 


Aside from my bible, I love spending time in my journal. Journaling is such a safe place for everyone to go to and just let it all out. I always feel refreshed after word-vomitting my thoughts, fears, dreams or whatever else is stuck in my head that day. Putting thoughts to paper helps provide an active sense of letting go. I know I have things in my life that I still don't understand or am frustrated about, and sometimes all that helps me is trying to let go of it. Get out of my head so I can move on from this moment, onto something better.

Let go & let God. 

I really love that saying. There are always going to be things happening in our lives we don't, and never will understand this side of Heaven. Lately, I have been pretty consumed with the feeling of disconnectedness. I hate it! I miss my and friends. Aside from the obvious bills, adulting sucks because everyone you care about spreads out more and more. I spent some time this past week journaling about all of this and was reminded of something: my word for the year is intentional. If I am feeling disconnected from relationships I care about then I have to be intentional about it and make even more of an effort. I feel SO full after spending quality time with the people I love. Whether it can be in person, or just a face time call. It fills me up.

All in all, the past few weeks have been a bit emotional and challenging. I get to fly home tomorrow morning and have a mama-daughter weekend. I am really looking forward to it because I know it will be a restorative and peaceful time. Just what my spirit needs. 

Overall love people well and put in the effort to maintaining a real and full relationship takes. I believe it's worth it. Also, mama's make everything better :)