Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I hope you all had an amazing weekend filled with great food, family and friends, and meaningful conversation. What a great holiday to celebrate... it's one of my favorites for sure. A day to celebrate and reflect on all the good things (or challenging things) God has been doing in our lives. 


I love the holidays because it means traditions! Although this year I missed out on the tradition of watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade because my dad and I went to the gym instead (probably the better decision anyway ;))... I just love traditions. They can be simple but make my heart so full. This holiday season is already feeling extra special because it's the only holiday season with Nick as fiance's! We get to experience so many new things together and are starting to create some of our own traditions we can do as we enter marriage. 


When Nick got home from work on Thanksgiving day I left him a little surprise with a bunch of post-it notes all over saying reasons why I'm thankful for him or things about our life (see photo above). I love doing little things like this for each other. We can say I love you to one another all day, but we both agree it's the actions that really matter and make us feel loved. Actions always speak louder than words anyway.

What's a fun Thanksgiving tradition you have? Or what's one you want to start?! Leave it in the comments :) 


This was our first Thanksgiving in Spokane. My parents drove over to join Nick and I, my sister, and her friend Shawnn. My brothers were with their wives in Oregon and Colorado. It was different than any other Thanksgiving before because this time we were looking at potential houses for my parents! Oh yeah, that... I have some big news to share! After a lot of prayer, and feeling God's nudge into a new direction, my parents have decided to move to Spokane. They told my siblings and I a few weeks ago. It's been a whirlwind for them ever since. My mom shared a bit about this big change on her own blog, check it out here!

thanksgiving table

The perfect new home for my parents wasn't found this weekend, but aside from house hunting, we had a lot of good food, watched football, played card games, read books in front of the fire, consumed yummy wine and beer, and found a cute Christmas tree! 


Our first Christmas tree together! A little cute one perfect for our little apartment and little amount of ornaments haha. We decorated our tree, drank peppermint tea, struggled with messy greenery until finally saying, 'screw it, it's not worth it', and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas. All we were missing was some snow falling outside! 


It was such a fun-filled weekend, but ultimately, it was so good because of quality time spent with family and friends. Thanksgiving (and the holidays in general) always make me slow down and think about things differently... what's really important in life? Quality time spent with those you love. Time and love. It's what will always be most important at the end of the day. 


Experiencing and being in the middle of those moments you know are simple, but bring so much joy... it's the best. Picking out a Christmas tree with my fiancé, saying what we are all thankful for at Thanksgiving dinner, playing card games... sweet moments like these will always be more rewarding than making sure I get the best Black Friday deals or scrolling through my phone all the time to keep up with social media. 


My prayer is to continue to remember to focus on what's really important. As we move forward into this holiday season, my prayer for all of us is to not get so caught up in buying gifts or making wish lists of things we want... Get caught up in conversations that unintentionally allow you to lose track of time. Go on a long walk and check out the Christmas lights around your city. Make a homemade Christmas gift with friends. Bake winter treats and give them away. Instead, let's get caught up in friendship and love. 

I hope you all had great Thanksgiving weekends too! Leave in the comments section what some of your holiday traditions are! I'm off to go make some cheesecake and take a bubble bath :)

xoxo S