Oils of the Moment // Christmas + Sleep

Happy holiday season everyone! Twinkle lights and our mini Christmas tree are up, Christmas music on the radio and all over Spotify, my favorite Candy Cane Green Tea from Trader Joe's is back... so basically all is right with the world. It's pretty cold here in Spokane, just waiting for the white wonderland to come! My mom kept asking us kids what is on our Christmas wish list this year and all I could think of is books and more essential oils! 

Essential Oils of the Moment 

I use essential oils everyday and wanted to share more about it! At least once a month, I want to post which oils I've been using the most and why. To start, my Christmas #OilsoftheMoment are Christmas Spirit and Peppermint. The two combined or used alone are so so good! Christmas Spirit seriously smells like Christmas in a magical little bottle. It has hints of cinnamon, orange, bark, and spruce. This blend helps to support air purity and your own energy balance. When used or diffused it really does help to promote happiness and a sense of security that goes hand in hand with the holidays. 


Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is one of those oils that can do everything and be used in so many ways. It helps with energy, focus, any type of nausea, muscle pain release, and it helps to reduce craving all the sweet things. Most everyday I put a drop on my wrists, rub together and deeply inhale. I close my eyes and make a mini moment out of it. So good. It is a staple oil, and one to always have on hand. There are days where I just take the whole bottle with me to work and smell and topically apply throughout the day. 

As far as diffusing, Peppermint is great by itself but also goes with basically everything. I think in most of my roller blends I always sneak a few drops of peppermint in ;). I love Peppermint and Lemon, Grapefruit, or Orange. Basically anything citrus + Peppermint is a great combo. 


Sleep Can be a Struggle... 

Continuing with my #OilsoftheMoment, I've been using this combo (photo above) a lot to diffuse before I fall asleep. To be real, I used to S T R U G G L E to fall asleep. My mind would wander for hours and it was so infuriating. Using oils consistently before bed, plus a few other things, have really helped me be able to fall asleep faster, and sleep through the night. I normally diffuse Lavender with either the combo above or Eucalyptus. Then, I use my roller blend on the balls of my feet, shoulders/neck, and wrists (and of course take a big inhale into wrists). And finally, I made a "sleep spray" I spray on the pillows and blankets. I feel surrounded by peace and amazingly calm smells. It's hard not to just pass out after that! 

Hope you enjoyed this! As always, thank you for stopping by to read. If you use essential oils, what is your favorite oil of the moment? Leave in the comments below! 

xo S