Balance // Deep Breath

Somedays feel a lot harder than others. Actually some weeks just feel like they last forever and the light at the end of the tunnel is small and distant. Lately, my light at the end of the tunnel has been a bit dim. 

It's inevitable for life to get busy. Currently, I am teaching high school art and yearbook (along the way realizing just how hard/overwhelming/time consuming yearbook really is), planning our July wedding, trying to get regular exercise in, trying to foster my relationships, and keep up with my ever-growing to do list. 

Some days you just need a break. A mental health day. Lately I haven't even had time for laundry, checking the mail/ going through seemingly endless e-mails/texts, spending quality time with my people, reading a book/article just for fun, or even think about the wedding. In the past few weeks (okay months is probably more realistic) I have been so emotionally unstable and haven't been properly managing myself or any levels of stress that come my way. 

So... cheers to today, a mental health day. A day to rest and be productive.  I've realized just how important it is to really invest in caring for yourself- mind, spirit, and body. I'm also realizing how important it is to regularly talk things out and really pay attention to feelings/emotions experienced throughout the day. How beneficial a slow deep breath can be. How wonderful it feels to slowly sip hot tea. How insightful it can end up being to just put pen to paper and see what develops. 

Self care day for the win!!

Nick took me to see the pretty christmas trees at the Davenport, where we had a nice dinner in front of the fire with twinkle lights surround us. The couple next to us was not having as pleasant a time. You know those people who are just displeased with everything at restaurants? That was them. Shaking their heads, complaining the food was cold, complaining that the people around them got food quicker, asking for the manager... just going above and beyond to find something wrong with their meal. Witnessing that reminded both Nick and I to not sweat the small stuff. I think it goes hand in hand with mindfulness. Being mindful about the present moment without judgement. Enjoying the atmosphere, fireplace, food, and company at a restaurant, and choosing to be grateful for the present moment. 

Ultimately, my goal for the rest of the week is to not sweat the small stuff and take regular deep breaths to experience more inner peace.