Cultivate Simplicity

Happy Sunday!! I'm currently cuddled on the couch with endless amounts of tea and essential oils diffusing (RC + Lemon) because I am fighting to not get any sicker! I woke up Friday with a weird bug... lots of rest for me this past weekend. I've got to get better ASAP because this coming week is busy with a lot to look forward to! For work we have another yearbook deadline so it will entail late nights for me... meh. On the bright side- Nick and I are going to the Portland area next weekend to finally do our engagement shoot! I'm so excited !!!!!! One of my best friends who also happens to be an amazing photographer is doing them, and we get to stay at their new house- can't wait! 

The benefit towards being a bit under the weather this weekend meant that I finally got around to spend intentional time rebranding my website! I've been planning and brainstorming how I wanted to transform this space and I finally captured it. I'm very excited to introduce: Cultivate Simplicity. 


In order to determine the aesthetic of everything, and a new logo, I knew I wanted it to feel simple, light, and flowy. I wanted the font to be a bit abstract and to feel like rolling waves. Much of my website's aesthetic includes various shades of blues because I am so inspired by and in love with the ocean. I'm also really drawn to circular shapes because it reminds me how in life there will never come a time where we just stop growing, exploring, loving, or bettering ourselves...we're always moving forward. I like that. 

so... why the change?

I've been thinking about rebranding for a while now and thought a lot about this space, how I want it to feel + look, my hopes for the future, and what the overall purpose is. 

I thought about simple joys and how that was the initial inspiration for my I really do crave and desire a simple, slow, meaningfully beautiful life where I relish in the little things that bring me joy. I thought about how I crave growth, Jesus, and self-love...I crave to not be hindered by debt, constant stress, dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, or just feeling like I don't have the time to really get the things I care about done...

SO it's 2018, a new year with endless amounts of possibilities, positive changes, and magical moments to experience. I knew I wanted to keep the focus of my blog very positive, real, and about sharing this simple and mindful life I am working hard to create. 

BOOM. Cultivate Simplicity was born. 


Cultivate Simplicity is born out of the desire to create a space for women to come be inspired, share real life, and grow in community and self-love. Simple as that. 

To cultivate is a verb meaning to either; prepare and use (land) for crops or gardening, OR to try to acquire or develop a quality, sentiment, or skill. (Side note: I love that the meaning also translates to gardening terms. It is SUCH a dream of mine to someday have a little white house with a beautiful garden full of blooming flowers, herbs, veggies, and lemon trees. I know someday I'll make it a reality and it will be hard, slow work with very rewarding results.)

Anyway... To cultivate also means to better, refine or elevate. I relate to that so much! I am working on myself and hope to inspire other people who might be on a similar journey seeking self-love, simplicity, and overall balance in their mind, body, and spirit.

My hope for this space is to be an inspiring and comfortable place to grow in community, friendship, and knowledge for how to live and cultivate a very FULL but SIMPLE life. A life where you aren't constantly feeling hindered by stress or the never-ending to do list. Instead, a life where you carefully decide what you say yes to. One where you have time to just BE. One where your work and personal life are never colliding in a negative or obstrusive way. One where you can be present in a moment without judgement or worry. 

With ALL of this in mind... leaping forward, what can you expect from Cultivate Simplicity?

  • Honesty + real life from me
  • Blog posts focused on topics such as: minimalist concepts, mindfulness, adventures, relationships + love, health and wellness journey, and more
  • Photography focused on inspiring aesthetics and unique portraits 
  • Artwork focused on simplicity, color, and form (and some cuteness just because)

If you click HERE you will be taken back to my new home page where you get a clear first look at everything Cultivate Simplicity has to offer. Take a peek! 

There is so much to look forward to and lots of positive changes still to come. Thank you for encouragement, support, and being apart of this journey!!

xo Sarah 

This Week on the Blog...

Coming up this week on the blog will be a recap post about finishing Whole30 last month, an essential oil DIY, and a wellness post focused on self-care (a bit late, but better than never!). If you're interested in all of that and want to keep up, feel free to subscribe to my blog :) You can do that by clicking here.