Wellness Week // Mindfulness

The days are busy and stress can often sneak its way inside. Time just flies by, I mean the holiday season has already come and gone! I've been craving more simplicity and a stronger connection between my mind, body and spirit. This desire is because stress and anxiety have been pretty consistent players in my life the past several months. I've loved learning and researching more about mindfulness. One practice I started trying is pausing before I enter a new space (walk through a door, go home, get to my classroom etc.) and taking one deep, long breath. I'm immediately slowed down and feel more peaceful. Try it for yourself! Trust me, it makes a difference :)


To be mindful or to be practice mindfulness means to bring your attention to the present moment. Bring your attention to the experiences of the present moment without judgement. I think about it like I feel everything in the universe and at the same time I only feel and choose to pay attention to what I'm doing right now. The way the keys feel as my fingers float and type along with them right now. The music playing in the background along with the humming of cars driving outside... To be present in a moment without judgement... when I hear this it reminds me to let go of expectations I can often create in my head. Let go of what a moment 'should' feel or be like and instead just accept it for beautiful and be present in it. 

Like I mentioned stress and anxiety have been pretty constant factors in my life and mindfulness has really helped with it all. It just goes along with overall wellness because I'm seeking balance over my mind, body and spirit. I want to feel interconnected and at peace with everything. When my mind is calm, my heart and body follow.  A slow, deep, inhale and exhale can feel so good. Mindfulness is mostly practiced through meditation which is why doing more yoga has been so helpful! 

With consistent practice of mindfulness it can help you fight anxiety, depression, memory loss, and helps to regulate emotions. Having regulated emotions is exactly what I need some days... I often feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster! Feeling like there is never enough time in the day to get everything done, to always have a clean house, to be a better friend, to be more productive at work,  to be more intentional with my students, to constantly be more and better... ugh it's exhausting sometimes!! Practicing mindfulness ends up helping with all these things, putting this unnecessary stress and expectations on myself, they start to slip away. 

Simple ways to experience mindfulness // little things I've tried

  • Yoga practice
  • Stretching on the floor, practicing deep breaths
  • Watering plants, admiring their slow process of life
  • Cooking whole foods and thinking about how nourishing it will be for my body and mind
  • Reading a great book and being so into it you lose track of the time
  • Writing in a journal about your day, dreams, hopes or what you're grateful for
  • Typically...just being intentionally still for a few moments can help me feel centered. Even just five minutes in the morning of meditation can make such a difference!
I saw this and loved it!

I saw this and loved it!

Mindfulness has helped me discover my WHY for my wellness journey. There are so many reasons but the main are to feel balanced, confident and content. To take the time to take care of my self to live a long and happy life- to exercise, breathe, practice yoga, cook meals with whole foods, read an inspiring book, write in my journal, go on a walk... all of these little things are adding up and making such a difference in my heart, mind and body. I really am excited for this lifelong journey of health and wellness :) 

Where are YOU at in your journey? Say hi to me in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!!!

xoxo Sarah