Sweet Haley

Babe alert coming at ya! This is my sweet friend Haley. I have known this beautiful girl since elementary school. Best friends running through Whitley Hills and Bird Park. Our childhoods were filled with constant play and imagination. It was the best. (I really miss those days!) I am privileged to hold so many dear memories with her. Haley is one of the most naturally STUNNING people you could ever meet. Her rich dark hair, fair complexion with a light dusting of adorable freckles, and those rosy cheeks...everything about her is just beautiful, including her heart. 

We set off to capture some 'evergreeny' photos during the rain, (typical Gig Harbor fashion...) and I've got to say- I am pretty in love with the outcome! I am diggin' the PNW vibe matched with Haley's cozy sweater and blanket. A little wanderlust for your weekend- Enjoy! xo


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