Sundays + Sisters + Friendships in General

This past Sunday, Spokane was absolutely beautiful. Sunny, warm, and seemingly everyone was outside taking advantage of it. My sister-in-law Katie and soul sister Kelly and I went out on a long walk and ended up at Central Foods for lunch. We ate outside! It was amazing. I found myself overfilled with content. Sitting in the warm sun, good conversation with two amazing (life-long) friends, yummy food...what could be better? I just loved the simplicity of the day overall. Finding good friends who allow you to just completely be yourself and honest is hard to find. Katie, I am lucky enough to have her married into my family and now we are forever friends ;) Kelly...Kelly is such a doll. We met probably less than a year ago and something just clicked. She was someone I knew I wanted to be close friends with and spend time together. My heart is so torn up that she is moving to Thailand in a few weeks. I am so excited for her and her husband, I know it will be good and challenging and beautiful! I am also just sad because I selfishly want her in Spokane so I can have more time with her! At the end of the day though, friendships can fade but others will always remain and I see that with her. I am so grateful for these two women and the beautiful day we shared.

Some pictures I took from our sunny afternoon.

Ya know sometimes it's hard to be honest and vulnerable. Especially on a blog where I really don't know who is reading...(hi to whoever is reading!). But this is a space I want to not only share beautiful photos and artwork, but also share the up's and down's of day to day life- my hopes, dreams, inspirations, struggles. Everything in between! I hope my honesty can maybe inspire someone else to start journaling or talking or blogging about all the things of real life. So here I go. 

Sometimes in Spokane I feel a bit lonely. I have Nick who is amazing and truly my best friend, and my siblings...but sometimes I just really really miss my girlfriends from back home (even though everyone is spread out across the country right now). I've realized it's really hard to make friends once college is over! I've also realized through this past year how important the friendships I already have are to me. I want to pour energy and time into these women I love! I'm reminding myself that right now I am in a season where I really don't see girlfriends and it's OK. Instead I am in a season where I am focused on truly bettering myself- mentally, physically and spiritually. I think this is such an important growing period for me, that I am grateful to have the space away from close friends to be able to do so. 

Speaking of space and distance...My best friend Michaela is currently in beautiful Italy for the next 6 ish months. She is doing an internship and traveling. She is only into her third week there, but I am already so proud of her. I can't imagine how scary it must be to leave the comforts of home and friends behind and move to another country where you don't speak the language!

 This is Michaela in Italy... at a gelato shop because duh. How cute is she?!

This is Michaela in Italy... at a gelato shop because duh. How cute is she?!

She is and always has been my bravest and fiercest friend. She is my dear soul sister who will always have my back no matter what, and I have hers. I love that about her. It's been over a year I believe since I last saw her... I get so upset sometimes thinking about the distance and the aching my heart experiences just because I miss being around her so much. But then she reminds me that our friendship isn't going anywhere. I remember at a pretty vulnerable time I needed to hear this from her. I definitely have a fear of friends abandoning me, but Michaela is different. She is strong, honest, smart and insanely gorgeous. She is my sunshine girl. She reminded me that no matter how long it's been or will be until we see each other, nothing will change about our friendship or the foundation we've built. We always have a home in each other's hearts. (As you can probably imagine I was crying my eyes out when she told this to me). I mean how lucky am I to have a friend who recognizes these beautiful truths and calms my heart?! So now I am looking forward to a little trip just the two of us are planning for when she is back in the states!! It will be so good and as if no time has passed at all. 

Amidst the feelings of loneliness that inevitably occur, I know I am so blessed with amazing friends (even if they are far away) and family. xoxo