Little Layla May

Meet Layla May!

This past Sunday Nick and I went to Jersey Mike's for lunch and somehow ended up going to PetSmart and walked out with a new kitten!  Haha! No one should be surprised that we spontaneously + impulsively decided on this. Nick and I have such tender hearts for animals who need to find homes. We love rescuing and adopting the little fur babies. 

What can we say? She was adorable, just two-months old, and we could realistically afford it. During this impulsive decision we talked about our budget and whether or not it was good timing/ a smart decision... We concluded with we love kitties and are fine with our finances! I say fine because I mean come on, we're 23 and pretty much still living paycheck to paycheck and not saving much...but we'll get there eventually! 

So now we have this adorable new member to our family. I just love her little body and huge ears. Mimosa is still adjusting. We show them to one another multiple times a day. I know it takes time, but I just can't wait until they love each other and we can all cuddle together! (Obviously that's my ideal cat-mom scenario.) So far Layla sleeps and cuddles with us at night, goes potty in her litter box, eats all of her wet food, and LOVES to play! She is straight up adorable. Watching her play is the cutest thing. Also, I think Layla might be Mimosa's lost sister because they are so similar. Layla sleeps under the bed covers during the day just like Memo! So cute. It's really great going through all of this with Nick. Layla and just everything- all the life things. The hard, stressful, rewarding and fun times- I am so thankful to experience it all with him. 

Also, as I finish typing this Layla is laying on my arm/hand watching me type. How sweet!? Ugh, living in kitty heaven over here. 

XO meow!