Life Lately // Sweet Summertime

Sweet summer is here!!! I have some really fun things coming up I am excited to share, but first I wanted to do a little life lately post since it's been over a month. The past few weeks have been filled with so many good things... as I sit here writing it all out I am feeling overwhelmed by blessings! 

TJ graduated from Whitworth with his Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy. He accepted a job before he even graduated. How amazing is that!? We are so proud of you TJ!

TJ graduates with his Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy!

My sister-in-law and I had an awesome weekend trip to Lake Oswego- her hometown. We went wine tasting with her parents, got spontaneous tattoos, and had amazing home cooked meals with her Italian fam ;) 

Nick and I went on a fun weekend trip to Portland, OR area for a disc golf tournament (Beaver State Fling). We got to watch the pros play and even meet one of them at Dave & Busters ;) It was an awesome trip even though it rained majority of the time. It's always special to be able to support each other with the things we really love and explore new places together. 

Things have been going really great between Nick and I. Lately we are loving: quality time together when he's off work, playing/cuddling with Layla and Memo, catching up on Game of Thrones, grilling on the patio, and planning future trips. Man do I love this guy of mine. 

My first year of teaching came to a close about two weeks ago, and I accepted a continuing contract position with my current school! Hallelujah! I will be teaching the same two art classes next year as well as taking over the Yearbook program. I am super excited for the challenge of yearbook and getting another year to better myself as a teacher. For now, I am taking a little break from any type of work planning because I know it will start to take over very shortly. There are some awesome training camps and workshops I'll be going to for Yearbook that I'm looking forward to.  For now: family time, tanning and reading for fun sounds good to me. 

This past weekend was Hoopfest in Spokane!!! Hoopfest is seriously awesome. I think it might be one of my favorite events. My whole family came into town to support my family's team. Mitch, TJ, Amy and Emily- they ended up WINNING the championship for their division!!! Such ballers. 

 Amy with Emily's sweet, chunky, perfect baby boy, Noah. 

Amy with Emily's sweet, chunky, perfect baby boy, Noah. 

Even though the weekend was pretty freakin' hot, it was a great time. Between watching the games we also helped move TJ and Katie into a new home on the South Hill. We grilled and drank beer on their new front porch- the best!  I love when my whole family is together more than anything. Aside from a lot of beer, we went down to the river, Rocket Bakery for coffee and tea, and laughed a lot at Layla being c r a z y haha. It went by too fast but was wonderful. 

The rest of the pics below are fun things from Hoopfest weekend :) 

 Layla is already getting too big!! 

Layla is already getting too big!! 

 Brought a growler down by the river

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xoxo SJBS