Life Lately // A Love Story

It has been over a month since my last blog post, so it's definitely time for a little Life Lately! Life has been so good lately... pretty big things have happened. On July 30th my best friend proposed to me + made me the happiest girl in the world!!! It was truly the best day ever. Never before have I bawled my eyes out from pure joy. I was crying so hard I couldn't even see how beautiful my ring was at first! Now I cannot stop staring at! 

I wanted to do a little post sharing our love story leading to where we are today. 

Nick and I grew up together in Gig Harbor. I first started liking him in the 4th grade. Throughout middle school and high school, he was the boy I always wanted. We dated growing up, had break ups, and went our separate ways after graduating high school. We started dating again my freshman year at Whitworth, and I think we both realized once and for all: Ok, we really like each other and are totally going to end up together ;)

Throughout my four years of college we dated, had to endure two years of long distance, one awful, heart-wrenching break up that resulted in Nick spontaneously moving to Spokane to ultimately get back together, and lots of good times in between that makes it all worth it.

It's strange to try and put your relationship into one little love story... there's so much I could say, but at the end of the day I just freakin' love this guy. He is my person. My best friend. My rock. My constant source of laughter. My biggest supporter. My mushy cat-lover, snuggle buddy, and total weirdo all in one. He's simple and strong. I love this life that we're building together, and absolutely LOVE that we are getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got engaged in Bozeman, Montana after a beautiful hike, sunset, and yummy champagne. It was perfect. I had been hoping and suspecting Nick would pop the question sooner rather than later, but I was still so surprised! Nick was nervous and I can't even remember everything he said, it feels like a blackout. We were both just so happy and hugged and cried and felt all the feels. Easily the best day of our lives.

Since we got engaged, summer has ended and my second year of teaching has begun! I am  at the same wonderful high school as last year and am teaching art and yearbook. Yearbook is a huge undertaking and will definitely make the year go buy so quickly with how busy I will be. Our wedding will be here before we know it!! I already feel really busy, but it's a nice change coming from such a mellow summer. 

So far things have been going great and I love getting to know my new students. What else is going on with us lately? Nick is about to start a new job as well. I'm stoked for him to be in a new environment with more positive people. We're both getting back into routine and figuring out what works best for us. We're still learning to be good with cooking at home (we just love to go out!). My sister and I have birthday's this week...she'll be 29 and I'll be 24. Crazy! That's about all for now. I have some beautiful senior photoshoots to share, so stay tuned! 

xo S