Wellness Week // Overall Wellness

Hello, hello and happy Monday! I'm grateful  to have the day off from work due to Martin Luther King Day. I spent the morning finally getting back to the gym and my legs are already feeling like jello! The rest of my day has entailed a smoothie date with my sister, some wedding/honeymoon research (looking for affordable recommendations for Hawaii!), and lesson planning for work this week. I'm saving all my self care fun like a face mask and hot tea for later :) So, let's get to it! 

Welcome to wellness week on my blog! I've been pretty absent from everything lately, and have been brainstorming what direction I really want this little platform to take. I've been scared and nervous, but decided I want to be vulnerable and real. I want to share things that are prevalent to the NOW. So, I’m doing this as a sort of a kick start to sharing more about my wellness journey. It’s scary to be vulnerable with things that are so personal like my health, goals, or things I struggle with... like I know I'm not the only bride-to-be who wants to tone up an lose a few pounds before the big day haha. But ultimately, I’m motivated to share for the community aspect & build relationships with people in the same boat, to track my journey + what's working for me, and hopefully inspire others.

Monday || Wellness

Wellness refers to, "The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal". I really love this simple definition. Overall wellness  and balance is the ultimate goal for me. I've been realizing it's so much more about the journey, the process of it all, not just the end result. Wellness, balance- these are things I have to actively pursue everyday, things I have to fight for to create. It's definitely worth fighting for though. To live a long, full, happy and healthy life is always worth it!!

As I seek balance within my wellness journey I am focused on these main areas:

  • Actively practicing mindfulness and yoga/meditation
  • Eating a whole foods/plant based diet (along with currently doing the Whole30 challenge)
  • Feeding not just my body but my mind with lovely things too (like reading good/inspiring books, getting good sleep, spending more time outside) 
  • Create boundaries with my professional and personal life so time feels more in my control
  • Saving time and space to do simple things that bring me joy (like painting, reading, taking photos, baking etc)

Tomorrow I'll touch more on mindfulness and discovering what's the WHY to my wellness journey? What's YOUR why? Good things to think about... 

xoxo S