Wellness Week // Whole Foods

Happy Friday friends! I meant to get this posted for Wednesday, but it quickly turned into a busier week than expected and I'm so ready for the weekend!! It's Nick's birthday on Sunday and I'm looking forward to quality time celebrating and making him feel extra special :) What are your weekend plans you're looking forward to?

SO along with this little #WellnessWeek I want to talk about Whole 30 and whole foods in general. I am no expert, but am very excited to continue to flood the mind with new knowledge about all things food, wellness, skin and balance- and sharing about it on the blog!

I'm currently doing a round of Whole 30 for January. It's been a great kickstart to the new year. I did a post a while back in July talking about my first time trying the Whole30 challenge and I ended up not finishing it because Nick and I got engaged and we had champagne and sushi and fries....soooo yeah, haha I made it to day 21 but didn't ever finish it!

This time of the new year is perfect to do a little reset. I'm doing it with two of my best friends and we text everyday about it and hold one another accountable. It makes SUCH a difference to be doing something like this with friends! Even if one is in Austin and the other is in Orlando and I'm in Spokane- we still got each other's backs! We're currently on day 19 and successfully made it past the halfway point (wooooo!!!). I'm proud of the consistency I've given it so far, and I'm surprised it has felt this easy.  I've gotten used to always having a bar (Lara Bar, RX Bar or Aloha Bars) and fruit with me for a snack. That's helped a lot. There are so many little tips and tricks about doing Whole30. I've read amazingly helpful blog posts from other people about it and I truly love how it brings people together and creates a community of support. For those who don't know about the Whole30 challenge, it is an elimination diet for 30 days. You cut out dairy, soy, corn, gluten, legumes, added sugar, and processed foods (am I missing anything? ...basically anything potentially crappy for you). 

Pinterest has SO many great Whole30 approved snacks and recipes! Check it out!

Pinterest has SO many great Whole30 approved snacks and recipes! Check it out!

This month I also jumped into a 30 day yoga challenge called TRUE (from Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube). I love it! I was rocking it the first week and half, but I've fallen off the bandwagon and am behind several days. I started feeling really down on myself last week about not keeping up with it, but then I remembered how it's 80% diet and 20% exercise when it comes to reaching health goals and I completely agree! Remembering this gave me some grace for missing yoga, and remaining proud of myself for consistently eating healthy, whole foods everyday. That's better than nothing! I'll share more about yoga for our wellness week tomorrow :) 

OK so..... whole foods

A HUGE (the biggest part really) of my wellness journey is changing the way I view and approach food. For anyone on a health and wellness journey, food and a sustainable change in diet is key. As I'm doing this round of Whole30 I'm journaling and tracking how I feel because I don't just want the 30 days to pass, I feel great, lost a little weight and then celebrate with a cheeseburger and milkshake haha. I am trying to figure out a way to slowly turn this whole30 diet into a sustainable one that works for me. I know I want to keep dairy, soy, corn and gluten out (with the exception to occasional gluten things maybe). Dairy is just so bad for us and for our skin!!! I'm heading in the direction of wanting to explore a plant based diet and veganism after this... Lot's of ideas rolling around in my head, but ultimately I need something sustainable that can turn into a new lifestyle habit. 

What's helped so far... 

  • WATER!!!!!!!!! Always always start each morning with a big glass of lemon water. First thing, boom. 
  • Mornings are great for fruit so you can quickly digest them. A green smoothie or juice in the morning is perfect. (PS- the company Vital Proteins sells collagen protein powder that is Whole30 approved! I'm about to start using it.)
  • Be prepared. Have ready to go snacks and fruits (clementines, dried mango, RX bars, grapes etc.) 
  • ZOODLES. Zuchinni noodles are the best thing ever. Get a $10 or cheaper spiralizer from Homegoods and you won't regret it! 
  • Coconut amino acids. Best thing ever and so tasty! It's naturally sweet from coconuts, can be a replacement for soy sauce, and makes everything (even eggs) so much yummier. I like the one from Trader Joe's. 
  • Apples and almond butter. That has become my go to lunch or treat or snack. YUM. 
  • Don't feel bad about fruit!!! Fruit naturally has sugar and you should never feel bad about eating it. 
  • BERRIES! The darker the berries the higher antioxidants they have which is also great for your skin. I love snacking on raspberries and blueberries. 

A health and wellness journey always has to come back to the big WHY. Why are you doing this? What kind of change do you want in your life? What are you unhappy with now to lead to wanting a change? Like I've said, my WHY has to do with gaining and creating confidence, balance and feeling great from the inside out. 

Also! I'm reading this great book right now (along with like four others.. man, I really just need to finish one at a time haha) called Mindful Eating. It is helping to reshape the way you approach food and your relationship with it. It talks a lot about being mindful and slow while we eat. To make eating food and slow and savory experience, not a savage feast. I haven't finished it yet, but already love what I'm learning and definitely recommend it! 


That's all for now. More on Whole30 when it's over! Only 11 more days woohoo! See you tomorrow for more #WellnessWeek content :)