+ or - // Happy V Day

Happy Valentine's Day friends! I am sick at home from work with the world outside covered in a fresh blanket of snow... I bought so much medicine at the store this morning my head feels foggy. I'm having Dayquil, so much water my stomach hurts, essential oils, tea, and some zicam...hopefully that will do the trick! Ugh, I hate getting sick...anyone else?! 

Anyway... VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!! I love Valentine's Day! I'm bummed to be sick today, but it will still be a great day filled with love and affection. This year Nick is planning our night and I'm excited to see what it entails :) Last year I made him an at-home picnic with some of his favorite take out and champagne. I always make Nick cards and get real cheesy, but hey, that's just who I am ;) I'm thankful he let's me be cheesy, emotional, and overly OCD at times... what a guy. lol. 

 The card I made for Nick this year <3 and of course his favorites, Reese's. 

The card I made for Nick this year <3 and of course his favorites, Reese's. 

I already got to chat with my OG Valentine, aka my dad, on the phone this morning. He's the best. Earlier this week he shared with my siblings and I what his plan is for Lent this year and encouraged us to take some time to think about what we might want to do...and I did! 

I haven't participated in lent in a while, but this year  I'm going to hop on board with my dad and we're both working to lose 15 pounds by Easter. In order to do that I'm going to go back to the Whole 30 diet, but do things a little different. Especially seeing as this is a time of transitioning into a lifestyle change I am going to eat hummus because hummus is LIFE, and the occasional glass of wine (like tonight..uh duh I'm going to have wine and something sweet because it's Valentine's Day!!). Aside from eliminating bad foods (dairy, gluten, soy, corn, added sugar and processed foods) for Lent I'm also going to take away TV. I know this one is going to be hard at times!!

Nick and I love to just relax and watch a few episodes of The Office together at night..but there are times where I get frustrated with myself because I know there are so many other productive things I could be doing. Not to say there is anything wrong with relaxing and watching some TV, just for now I am going to cut it out so I can get re-inspired and spend more time blogging, reading, painting, and just doing more creative things in my free time. I have a huge reading list for 2018 so it's time to get excited and tackle it! 

So LENT... to my understanding Lent is about recognizing Jesus' sacrifice for us and taking intentional time out of your life to give something up (or add something positive in). If Jesus could manage 40 days and nights in the desert getting tempted by Satan, I think I can handle no TV or sugar...

What about you? Do you participate in Lent? if so, what are you adding or taking away? I'd love to know and we can hold each other accountable :) 

Hope everyone has a lovely Valentines day surrounded by people or animals or food or other things you LOVE. xo Sarah