Bridal Showers

In honor of all the wonderful wedding festivities beginning in two weeks (!!!!!) I wanted to share some photos from the two beautiful bridal showers I was spoiled at last month. The women I am blessed to know and who came are incredible. I felt such a sweet amount of love and support over this weekend. It warmed my heart to be in a space surrounded by women I love, admire, and cherish their friendship and mentorship. 

The first shower was thrown by my best friend Haley with the help of her sweet mama and my sisters. It was feminine with great attention to detail. They went above and beyond from a delicious lunch to cute macaroons! One of my favorite parts was the sweet advice book they made...I love reading through that with Nick! 

The shower on Sunday was hosted by my mama's bible study at Mindy's beautiful home with a mediocre view ;) It was equally lovely and meant so much to get prayed over by this group of women. Nick and I are blessed to have people consistently praying for us, our marriage and our baby. I appreciated this piece of advice- put Nick before the baby even when that's hard or feels unnatural. This baby is because of Nick and I and our marriage and relationship just us two always has to come first and stay strong so we can be at our best with each other and to be better parents to our babe. 

I would say the common theme running through all the marriage advice we received was: be kind and patient towards one another, don't sweat the small stuff, and laugh a lot. Love it all. 

And, why yes, I am QUITE excited to use our new white Kitchen-aid mixer !!! Maybe I should just always keep a bouquet of flowers inside when we're not using it?? :)