Honeymoon Reflections

It has been so good to be back in WA after our two week excursion to Florida and North Carolina! I am someone who loves to explore but I do tend to get a little home sick. Plus, I missed our delicious Washington water and fresh, non-humid air haha. We had such a blast though! Florida was so fun and beautiful. We stayed in Hollywood, FL at the Diplomat Beach Resort and man, it was so incredible. The pics below are of our amazing view from our hotel suite. It was such a treat to wake up and see this endless ocean view everyday. Plus, I got a ton of interior home inspiration! I love the light, minimal, beachy look so most of these pictures is for me to look back on when we move into our own space so I can figure out how to recreate some of these design aspects ;) 


Our honeymoon was great. We splurged, dined out everyday, had fantastic food and the best cheesecake of our lives. Lots of ice cream, lounging by the pool, and laying in our comfy bed. It was nice to just relax and have nothing to do but enjoy where we were. 


We stayed in Florida for a week then flew to North Carolina for Nick to compete in the AM Worlds Disc Golf tournament. Playing disc golf in hot humidity or crazy thunderstorms was interesting to say the least. At times it was just too much for this pregnant gal and one day I stayed back and had some me time with a manicure and gelato ;) Nick didn't play as well as he wanted to, but is still grateful for the overall experience, plus we made some fun new friends! Traveling in general isn't ever picture perfect and we definitely came across some bumps in the road or a few tiffs here and there. We learned sometimes we are so different in how we travel. I can be much more laid back and that can stress Nick out because he very much likes to be prepared and early. Always always learning how to be more patient with each other. A never-ending process ;)


We were both ready to come back to WA and begin getting settled in the Harbor. Since we got back we've settled into our little space in the downstairs of my parents house and our kitties are adjusted as well. It is such a blessing to have this time here and be able to focus on saving money and getting ready for our baby girl! Nick has also gained a healthy obsession for golf and has played probably close to ten rounds with my dad. Good for both of them because Nick can learn a few things from my dad and now my dad has an avid buddy ready to go golfing at moments notice. As I write this Nick is practicing his swing at the driving range hitting a bucket of balls haha. Crazy man... he never runs out of energy! 


This coming week Nick starts his new job! God is so good and provides in His timing. Nick was struggling with being patient while he was on the job hunt for two weeks after we got back from our trip, but I knew something would come along and it did. Thank you, Jesus! So this week we jump back into exploring a new job, new routines, and continuing to settle into life over here and what we want that to look like. A lot of good things are starting and I have a lot I'm looking forward to this fall (cuz also fall is just the best!!). 


Seasonal changes, job changes, all changes... I look forward to change because I'm someone who likes to plan and create new routines. Quitting our jobs and moving back to GH has created a nice blank canvas for me that I'm excited to carefully fill. With this new season of life I am focused on being intentional with my time and who and what I say YES to. I really like the quote, "If it's not a definite yes, then it's a NO." So much truth in that little saying. Sometimes it can be easier to just say yes and yes to different commitments or friends or whatever, when really we need to be picky and say no so we make sure we are taking care of ourselves. 


So I'm challenging myself and anyone reading this to take a look at the things filling your plate and check with yourself if you need to reevaluate any of your commitments, potentially toxic people, time wasters, or anything that's not a definite YES in your life. XO