Prepping for Baby Girl // Oils

Baby girl has been on the brain!!! The countdown to her due date is on and we're less than 90 days away! C R A Z I N E S S !!! This Sunday I'll officially enter my third trimester. She is kicking me all the time, especially when I'm laying down trying to fall asleep. I love feeling those kicks, reading Winnie the Pooh to her, and rubbing my belly with all the oils. 

I have entered major baby prep mode as of lately. Seeing as we are temporarily living with my parents (which has been so wonderful already) we've still created some space in the guest room for baby girl because we know we'll be here for a little bit after she's born while we're saving money for either deposits or a down payment... we'll see what God has in store. In the guest room we've got some closet space set aside and a six-drawer dresser that I've happily labeled. I feel ridiculous sometimes by how much joy organizing brings me haha. Anyway, this week I worked on putting together my postpartum care box (just to feel prepared after we get home from the hospital) and making rollers and sprays with essential oils. For baby girl I made a bedtime spray that I'll use for her bassinet/crib sheets, blankets, swaddles or jammies before putting them on her. My hope with consistently using these oils is to help create a strong bedtime routine. The main thing when using essential oils in general, whether for a baby or yourself, is to be consistent with them! In the past six months I've discovered just how true this is. The only oils I plan to use on or around baby is Lavender, Cedarwood, Gentle Baby, and Frankincense. These are all safe for her and will promote a calming or grounding feeling! 


Sweet Dreams Spray Recipe 

  • Few drops of Cedarwood, Lavender, and Gentle Baby essential oil

  • Splash of Witch Hazel

  • Rest of spray bottle filled with distilled water

  • Cap it, mix it all up, and you're good to go!

Baby Roller Recipe 

For babies you want to heavily dilute all essentials you use and put directly on their skin. For this roller I put in 2 drops of each oil, but you can decide what is best for you and your baby. 

  • Lavender, Frankincense, and Gentle Baby essential oil

  • Diluted with V6 oil complex (I use YL's v6 pump oil, but you can use any fractioned oil of your choice like coconut etc.)

As I enter the third trimester I'm focused on walking, more healthy foods, less sugar (the cravings are real), taking birth/breastfeeding classes, and reading consistently to her so she can better know the sound of our voices. I also apply her baby roller to my belly so she can start to get used to the smell. I'm trying not to focus on the inevitable fear that creeps in when I think about actually giving birth and the whole delivery process... it's a bit scary! God is teaching me so much about trust right now. 

I would love to hear from other mama's what you did for some baby or delivery prep!