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Oils // DIY Floral Winter Roller

Happy Sunday! Nick and I are in Portland area with our friends Jesse and Olivia and woke up to beautiful snow! Yesterday we did our engagement photos and I got to see a little sneak peek and totally teared up! These photos mean so much to me... Nick and I have never had nice photos of us before so this is such a special time. Can't wait to share them! 

Olivia and I both love our essential oils and desperately wish we could afford ALL of them ! I mean who doesn't... so in the spirit of being financially conscious, here's a DIY with items we already have at home. 

DIY Floral Winter Roller 

I love a good and simple DIY. I think that's why I'm so attracted to essential oils in general. They can replace gross, chemical-filled products by creating your own natural ones with a few simple ingredients!

Rollers and sprays are my favorite things to make. I made this roller a few weeks back but never shared it, so here it is now! Adding some baby florals, leaves, greenery can just add some prettiness and add even more natural scents. I mean, how cute?!


I ended up using this roller as a perfume for pretty much all of December and January. I mixed in:

  • 5-8 drops lemon
  • 5-8 drops grapefruit
  • 5-8 drops melrose 
  • 1-2 drops citrus fresh
  • Filled the rest with carrier oil (I use organic grape seed oil)

It became a really lovely floral + citrusy scent- I am obsessed! Especially living in Spokane where it stays cold for a solid 3-4 months, smelling this heavenly scent on me everyday just made me feel a little brighter on the inside. 

Aside from this roller...

Lately I've been spraying my face with a Eucalyptus Lemon spray (mixed with water) before I moisturize. Then I add a drop of Melrose mixed in with the face moisturizer, and I just feel clean, relaxed, and fresh! 

If YOU are an essential oil lover as well, what are some of your faves as of lately? Leave in comments! xoxo 

Scary Honesty

Happy weekend friends! What are the plans? Nick and I are heading to Sandpoint ID this weekend to relax and hopefully pick some huge bags of blueberries! 

There are so many things bopping around in my head I am forcing myself to word vomit it all out right now. I brought our Mac desktop into the living room to write because the natural light flooding in was too good to miss. One thing I am really excited to share is some ongoing website reconstruction. I love seeing the site progress. Even in a little less than a year a lot has changed, and also a lot has not happened that I wish had... but good things take time! So if you haven't already, take a look around, there's new aesthetic overall and content. 

Making this little logo with one of my best friends and talking with my trainer has gotten me thinking about what I really want this website and blog's purpose to be. I decided on the ocean picture for the logo background because it's my safe place. I don't get to go nearly enough, but every time I am sitting on the edge of a beach or bulkhead, starting at the endlessness of ocean waters, my heart and soul are completely filled with peace. My cup overflows and tears are usually brought to my eyes because I just praise God for His beautiful works. It amazes me! The ocean is one of my simple joys, so it seemed fitting. A while ago I wrote a post about my love for the ocean and some Hawaii reflections >>here<<. 

I launched my site last November without really having a solid idea for what I wanted it to be. One thing I do know for sure is that I wanted to share life and be authentically honest, and (hopefully) relatable. I think on my blog I can tend to be really positive, which is great! But I also want to be real. I'm not always super happy and peppy. I don't even consider myself a peppy person. I'd say I'm snarcastic- sassy and sarcastic in one. More often than not you can find me on an emotional roller coaster haha. It feels like there's always some sort of stress or anxiety happening in the back burner of my mind and heart, which I've realized is one reason for creating this site.

This website is not just for sharing pretty art or pictures, it's a place to document my own journey and hopefully help and encourage others on a similar one. A journey dealing with anxiety, finding peace + confidence in myself, creating a holistic lifestyle, and feeling balanced overall. That's why I added my >>essential oils<< section because it has been a HUGE contributor to my emotional well being and finding inner peace. Check it out if you haven't already!

I know there is a big part of me that is really scared to be completely honest here. For one, I just don't have to be. I literally don't have to post or share anything with any of you who read my blog. But I want to! I crave community and building relationships and I believe this blog is one way to do that. So thank you for reading, I love you and appreciate it so much :)

So yes, it's scary as hell to be honest here because it also means I'm being really honest with myself (and sometimes that can be even harder). It's hard to face certain things, but I believe from struggles and hardships beautiful growth blossoms. I definitely don't want to be a person who settles or remains stagnant through life. 

Something hard for me to share is over the past few years I  have cut myself off socially due to insecurities + anxieties. I am so sick of feeling that way- missing out on life and missing friends. That's how I knew I needed to find a way out of that dark place. Anyone else ever felt that way? I'm on a positive path now. Learning to love myself and love the process of discovering that good place. I've got a personal trainer and am also (terrifyingly) training for a half marathon! More than just the physical changes that will inevitably come, this is truly about the mental process. I don't think I'm alone in feeling low self-esteem or self-love. This past year of teaching I preached to my kids (especially my girls) to love themselves, be proud of who they are now, and not worry about what other people think. But I wasn't even practicing what I preached! That will be different this next year. 

All this to say, I'm in a good place within the process, and am happy to share honesty and bits and pieces from this journey. Don't ever be scared to reach out to me if you want to talk or ever have questions. I want to be open and be here for my readers. Thanks for stopping by as always. 

xoxo Sarah | SJBS

What Now?


As I sit here writing I am content in this moment- Sylvan Esso's new album What Now? is playing, (you must check it out!)  candles burning, and my precious kitty naps as I sip on lemon La Croix. Its nice. Times like these I am grateful for simplicity. I feel like I deserve this peaceful moment considering how busy life has been the past three weeks! I finally have some time to reflect and process. I realized I have been struggling with trying to figure out what next? What now?  

  Tulips from Manito Park!

Tulips from Manito Park!

May is finally here and I couldn't be more grateful! I love May. Tulips are blooming all over Spokane along with cherry blossom trees. The sun is making more regular appearances, which completely overfills my soul. As happy as I am that spring is in full swing, I have been in a period filled with worrying, waiting and wishing. Work has been stressful and overwhelming the past few weeks. Feelings of doubt and inadequacy regularly creep in. I haven't had a chance to sit down and write with all the craziness lately. In the past three weeks I totaled my car (boo!) and had to go through the process of finding an affordable lease deal (thanks to Nick and my Dad- what would I do without them!?). Incidents like that make me really aware of how not prepared I am for this whole adult thing, lol. Then I had to deal with some pretty dramatic work situations that my college ed classes could not have prepared me for... to say the least it was all just a bit flustering and overwhelming. Also during this time Nick was gone on a ten day trip to Kansas city for a disc golf tournament, so naturally, I am over-analyzing my entire life and missing him like crazy! 

I couldn't help but envy Nick...he is such a rare breed of human (sounds funny haha, but if you know him you know how true that is!). He just goes for what he wants in life. He is confident and takes risks. He knows he sounds ridiculous to a lot of people when he shares how his goal is to become a professional disc golf player, but that doesn't stop him. He doesn't care! If anything it just gives him all the more drive to prove the doubters wrong. I believe in him and know he will go pro. Aside from the fact that he is actually talented, he is disciplined and determined. He is such an inspiration to me... I am lucky to have someone who encourages me to take steps back, realize what's really important & lasting in life (love, family & Jesus!) and then to simply chase after what I want in life with confidence.

Because of my sweet Nick, my mindset is shifting. I am giving up my work life to God for this next year. I have been filled with worry and anxiety over what it will all look like. Instead I am focused on praying and asking Jesus to let His will be done. If you know me, prayers in this area would be much appreciated :). So, no I don't know exactly what my teaching life will look like next year, but there are some things I do know I want to explore and chase after without fear: this website is one them. This blog is just such a happy place for me. I love having a creative outlet to constantly work on and improve. I am excited to pour more intentional time and energy into this space and see where it leads me as well as what wonderful people I could meet! Also, I am SO excited to begin embarking on a new wellness journey. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered my Young Living starter kit of essential oils! You should have seen me after I ordered- straight up giddy and dancing around my apartment. This will be a huge part of my journey along with exploring mindfulness and holistic health. 


So cheers to being uncomfortable, nervous and scared of the unknown because in the midst of all that I know Jesus is right there with me and for me. Psalm 118:6 says, "The Lord is for me; I will not fear; what can man do to me?". It is OK I don't have it all planned out. Might as well enjoy the flowers and trust the process.

Well, thanks for stopping by as always. I hope your May has started off with lots of blooming flowers and positivity! What are you looking forward to as you enter this Spring season?

XO Sarah