Spring Break in San Diego

I was in San Diego for my spring break this past week and it was the best. My soul needed some sunshine!! I went with my sweet mama and then my sister and dad joined for part of the trip too. Our week was filled with lazy days tanning + reading by the pool, writing, happy hours, cute restaurants, walking around, the San Diego Zoo and Coronado Beach. Pretty simple, but it was perfect. I am so grateful to be able to spend time in a new place and discover new inspirations ! San Diego has the coolest buildings and restaurants- so bright and aesthetically pleasing to my art teacher eye! We went to so many fun restaurants and happy hours that I am going to do a separate post for fun places to go if you happen to find yourself in San Diego :) Stay tuned for that. 

Having the opportunity to go somewhere new/different- whether for a vacation or just a weekend getaway- is nice to have a change of scenery. Being able to not have solid plans or an agenda to adhere by is wonderful. I was able to enter into full-blown relaxation mode. Carefree and enjoying the moments. Taking in the ocean breeze, fresh air, and watching the palm trees sway in the wind. The thing I like about vacations is that I know it is not/cannot be reality...but I love being able to experience different new joys and reflect on what I can take back with me to incorporate into my everyday reality. 

So here are some things I am taking back with me to try out- adding some California Spring Break joys into my reality:

  1. Go on walks- alone or with friends. With friends is better obviously, because then you get to catch up! 
  2. Smile at the sunshine (when it comes out!)
  3. Make charcuterie boards for appetizers(basically trying to create my own Little Italy in Spokane hehe) 
  4. Slow down- in every sense. Practice experiencing calmness and being in the moment. 
  5. Inspiration can be found anywhere. Find it & capture it. Then do something with it. 

We stayed in two different hotels, both amazing! Here are some photos from our first boutique hotel: The Kimpton Solamar

 These were the most amazing smelling bath products!!! The brand is   atelier bloem ...  when my shampoo runs out I know what I'm getting next...definitely worth the money!

These were the most amazing smelling bath products!!! The brand is atelier bloem... when my shampoo runs out I know what I'm getting next...definitely worth the money!

We got to stay at the Kimpton Solamar for 3 nights and then moved over to the Marriott Marquis & Marina. My dad pulled a few strings and we ended up with a beautiful water view room- the best! 

Exploring around: Gas Lamp District / Seaport Village / Coronado Beach

 how adorable is my mama?!

how adorable is my mama?!


For as long as I can remember, my sister is someone I have looked up to and one reason why is because she has always consistently journaled and spends intentional time in the Word. I am trying to be more like her and do more of the things that simply bring me joy or make me feel full.

For Christmas this past year I got this beautiful journaling bible. It's perfect for me! I love being able to actively interact and engage with my bible in a way that makes most sense for me: through art! I love spending time with a passage or even just one verse, and pull what stood out to me and illustrate it. If you are someone who is interested or curious in a journaling bible or something new for your faith life...I say go for it! Especially if you are an artsy-fartsy person who loves colorful things :) 


Aside from my bible, I love spending time in my journal. Journaling is such a safe place for everyone to go to and just let it all out. I always feel refreshed after word-vomitting my thoughts, fears, dreams or whatever else is stuck in my head that day. Putting thoughts to paper helps provide an active sense of letting go. I know I have things in my life that I still don't understand or am frustrated about, and sometimes all that helps me is trying to let go of it. Get out of my head so I can move on from this moment, onto something better.

Let go & let God. 

I really love that saying. There are always going to be things happening in our lives we don't, and never will understand this side of Heaven. Lately, I have been pretty consumed with the feeling of disconnectedness. I hate it! I miss my and friends. Aside from the obvious bills, adulting sucks because everyone you care about spreads out more and more. I spent some time this past week journaling about all of this and was reminded of something: my word for the year is intentional. If I am feeling disconnected from relationships I care about then I have to be intentional about it and make even more of an effort. I feel SO full after spending quality time with the people I love. Whether it can be in person, or just a face time call. It fills me up.

All in all, the past few weeks have been a bit emotional and challenging. I get to fly home tomorrow morning and have a mama-daughter weekend. I am really looking forward to it because I know it will be a restorative and peaceful time. Just what my spirit needs. 

Overall love people well and put in the effort to maintaining a real and full relationship takes. I believe it's worth it. Also, mama's make everything better :)