Nursery Tour // Love & Organize Your Space

Happy weekend friends & happy November! Ah, finally it’s November!! We get to meet our baby girl this month and could not be more ready! I feel like I am getting stir crazy over here… at 39 weeks everything feels a bit uncomfortable- the heartburn, the pelvic pressure, the crappy sleep- cannot lie that I’m ready for the next phase. I’ve had a good chunk of time on my hands and finished getting baby girl’s nursery all set up this past week. My third trimester checklist is all completed, the diaper bag/ hospital bag is packed, all of her clothes are washed, shelves/pictures are hung, and it feels like all we’re missing is the precious babe to make it complete!


I’m very excited to share these photos for a little ‘nursery tour’, but also want to be encouraging that although photos can look very pretty, things do not have to be picture perfect for a baby. Over the years I have had ideas for a dream nursery and now that we’re actually having a baby and are adults and life is just expensive haha, it is OK that it’s not the reality. Nick and I are currently living with my parents and will be here for the next few months while we save money (hopefully enough for a down payment on our own home!) and stay in the downstairs area where there are two bedrooms (both meant to be guest rooms), a bathroom, laundry room, and living room area. We turned one of the guest rooms into baby girl’s nursery and are incredibly blessed for the space my parents have provided. It is more than enough. I suppose the only difference from a ‘regular nursery’ is that the guest bed stays in the room and half of the closet is used for storage for things other than baby.

ALRIGHT let’s start the tour!! I wouldn’t say we went with a theme, but instead kept things neutral with a lot of white and light grey elements. I love shibori indigo blue, and flowers so there are some pops of that too. I also love things organized and labeled so getting this room all settled has been very fun for me :)


A sweet friend gave us this awesome bassinet to use (major benefit is that it all folds up and fits into a bag for traveling). This is where she’ll sleep in the beginning. We also bought a beautiful crib thanks to the financial support from family and grandparents, but are waiting to set it up because it will definitely make this room feel very tight. We’ll see if we wait and set it up until we move or not!


Something I have already learned and want to encourage others of is this: Gladly accept help or items from other people! Babies are expensive and it can feel overwhelming to obtain all of the things you might need for your baby (especially these days with Pinterest telling you what you “must” have, or if your baby might not be exactly planned ;)) . We feel prepared and so much of that is attributed to all of the things people have given to us!


I love having this little window ledge to help keep the dresser less cluttered. We’ve got our Hatch Baby sound machine, diffuser, wipes, and products we’ll probably use most. Can’t forget the cute little bear that I had as a baby and plays a sweet little song.


I love this cozy corner. A little reading nook and breastfeeding station all set up. Glider/rocking chairs are super expensive so we just went with the Ikea chair we already had and purchased a new cover and furry pillows. Doing so made it feel brand new! It rocks a little and has a nice high back so our neck can actually be supported- win win!


Organizing the Dresser

I’ve had this dresser for years! It was a steal from the old outlet store called Land of Nod (now I think it’s Pottery Barn Kids). We found these fun knobs on sale from Anthropologie- super simple change that makes a big difference! The top two drawers are for jammies, diapers, and extra wipes. The middle two are for tops and onesies and all her little accessories (shoes, socks, bandana bibs, headbands, hats etc.). And the bottom two are for bottoms and swaddle blankets/burp cloths.


All of these pictures are old and special and have been in my family for a while. I love having that touch of vintage!


Well that’s our little nursery! It’s not perfect and no space has to be to find love for it. We are making what’s available to us work and find joy in the process. Sometimes just revamping what you already have can make all the difference in the world! I love this room because of what it will be: a space where Nick and I experience the beginnings of bonding, caring, and cuddling with our baby girl. The best is yet to come!

Constant Productivity // a reminder

I saw this cute image on Pinterest the other day and felt it rang so true.


Don’t get me wrong I LOVE having wonderfully productive days (or hours) and I love the feeling of accomplishment at the end of it. I always feel better about myself and my life if I did something “productive”. Lately, during the tail end of this pregnancy though, my being productive has been pretty small mountains to climb. Tasks like going for a walk, making the bed, maybe crossing one thing off of my to do list… like take a freaking shower haha. Suffice it to say that I have fallen victim to the lie that my worth and value somedays are tied up into how productive I have been. Some days I get caught up feeling just guilty for not doing enough.

Have you ever felt like that?

I know the truth, and know that every single day doesn’t have to be the most productive day known to mankind. It just can’t be! I think we all have things that we give ourselves a hard time about… Right now, I feel really disappointed in myself if I don’t go on a walk or keep up with my goal of having a weekly blog post. I want to have goals and things I’m working towards (always!) but it does take time and I have to remember to give some grace throughout the process. Maybe just because I worked on a blog post but didn’t publish it, it can still be considered a good day. Still making progress.

The reality is there are some days that we need to just BE, REST, and PAUSE instead of go go go and squeeze every minute out of the day. There are days when that happens and you’re just feeling good, on a roll and keep getting stuff done. On those days, especially if you’re in the mood and have the time, I say go for it! But we shouldn’t always feel that pressure that everyday needs to be like that… Hopefully this little post catches you on a good day (whether it’s a “productive” one or not) and is a reminder that it’s OK to just live your life and let each day look a little different. Your worth is not determined by your constant productivity.