Bridal Showers

In honor of all the wonderful wedding festivities beginning in two weeks (!!!!!) I wanted to share some photos from the two beautiful bridal showers I was spoiled at last month. The women I am blessed to know and who came are incredible. I felt such a sweet amount of love and support over this weekend. It warmed my heart to be in a space surrounded by women I love, admire, and cherish their friendship and mentorship. 

The first shower was thrown by my best friend Haley with the help of her sweet mama and my sisters. It was feminine with great attention to detail. They went above and beyond from a delicious lunch to cute macaroons! One of my favorite parts was the sweet advice book they made...I love reading through that with Nick! 

The shower on Sunday was hosted by my mama's bible study at Mindy's beautiful home with a mediocre view ;) It was equally lovely and meant so much to get prayed over by this group of women. Nick and I are blessed to have people consistently praying for us, our marriage and our baby. I appreciated this piece of advice- put Nick before the baby even when that's hard or feels unnatural. This baby is because of Nick and I and our marriage and relationship just us two always has to come first and stay strong so we can be at our best with each other and to be better parents to our babe. 

I would say the common theme running through all the marriage advice we received was: be kind and patient towards one another, don't sweat the small stuff, and laugh a lot. Love it all. 

And, why yes, I am QUITE excited to use our new white Kitchen-aid mixer !!! Maybe I should just always keep a bouquet of flowers inside when we're not using it?? :) 

Seniors // Madi

I meant to post these awhile ago... life has been busy! Stay tuned for a new blog post this week about getting back to simplicity and how to find + create it in our busy lives. 

This is miss Madi! I've loved being able to do some senior portraits this year. It's been very special because I actually know the kids. We went to Big Barn Brewery area up north in Spokane. I love this place! It's so simple and cute. Also, great beer. There were amazing bright green curtains of hops- made for such a beautiful backdrop! I like these photos a lot... Madi makes it feel like she's a little wanderlust. I hope you enjoy them! The last few are my favorites :) xoxo S

Seniors // Jasmine

I am excited to finally share these photos! My beautiful girl, Jasmine, absolutely rocked this night. She and her mama were such a joy to be around. I am so blessed that teaching introduces me to new and wonderful people like them.

I think you can tell through the photos that Jasmine is such a sweetheart. She is a happy-go-lucky girl who is kind, smart, and mature beyond her years. We went to this amazing sunflower field out in Deer Park. I had never been before and was blown away by the endless beauty! I love the care-free vibe Jasmine exudes in these photos. She danced, twirled, and ran into the sunset. Such a good night. Lots of love for my girl, Jas. 

WARNING!! Model alert.   

Photography // Hailey

Wow wow wow. I don't know where to begin with this girl. This night was SO fun + inspiring!! Clogs, thrift finds, freckles, pink unicorn hair blowing in the wind, glitter eyes... Hailey made this shoot almost too perfect ;) While we were shooting I kept dying a bit inside because she was doing so good! Just being herself, the photos kept getting better and better! Shoots like these make me feel so inspired and craving more and more creative projects. 

Hailey is one of my favorite girls. I've had to privilege to be one of her teachers this past school year. She is so stinkin' talented. Her style is killer. So many days I would think, "dang! girl's got some serious style, I want all of her clothes!", so naturally I was pumped when she agreed to do a styled shoot downtown. She is mature, creative, innovative and inspiring. Her artwork is unique, intentional + thoughtful. I love seeing her style develop. Throughout the school year Hailey was one of those kids who made me excited to come to work and feel like I was doing something right! 

I love photography for so many reasons, but one is for the relational aspect that gets explored. In this capacity I am honored to encourage beauty, talk and get to know each other more, and just spend some fun, quality time together. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do! 

As always, thank you so much for stopping by! xo SJBS

Life Lately // Sweet Summertime

Sweet summer is here!!! I have some really fun things coming up I am excited to share, but first I wanted to do a little life lately post since it's been over a month. The past few weeks have been filled with so many good things... as I sit here writing it all out I am feeling overwhelmed by blessings! 

TJ graduated from Whitworth with his Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy. He accepted a job before he even graduated. How amazing is that!? We are so proud of you TJ!

TJ graduates with his Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy!

My sister-in-law and I had an awesome weekend trip to Lake Oswego- her hometown. We went wine tasting with her parents, got spontaneous tattoos, and had amazing home cooked meals with her Italian fam ;) 

Nick and I went on a fun weekend trip to Portland, OR area for a disc golf tournament (Beaver State Fling). We got to watch the pros play and even meet one of them at Dave & Busters ;) It was an awesome trip even though it rained majority of the time. It's always special to be able to support each other with the things we really love and explore new places together. 

Things have been going really great between Nick and I. Lately we are loving: quality time together when he's off work, playing/cuddling with Layla and Memo, catching up on Game of Thrones, grilling on the patio, and planning future trips. Man do I love this guy of mine. 

My first year of teaching came to a close about two weeks ago, and I accepted a continuing contract position with my current school! Hallelujah! I will be teaching the same two art classes next year as well as taking over the Yearbook program. I am super excited for the challenge of yearbook and getting another year to better myself as a teacher. For now, I am taking a little break from any type of work planning because I know it will start to take over very shortly. There are some awesome training camps and workshops I'll be going to for Yearbook that I'm looking forward to.  For now: family time, tanning and reading for fun sounds good to me. 

This past weekend was Hoopfest in Spokane!!! Hoopfest is seriously awesome. I think it might be one of my favorite events. My whole family came into town to support my family's team. Mitch, TJ, Amy and Emily- they ended up WINNING the championship for their division!!! Such ballers. 

 Amy with Emily's sweet, chunky, perfect baby boy, Noah. 

Amy with Emily's sweet, chunky, perfect baby boy, Noah. 

Even though the weekend was pretty freakin' hot, it was a great time. Between watching the games we also helped move TJ and Katie into a new home on the South Hill. We grilled and drank beer on their new front porch- the best!  I love when my whole family is together more than anything. Aside from a lot of beer, we went down to the river, Rocket Bakery for coffee and tea, and laughed a lot at Layla being c r a z y haha. It went by too fast but was wonderful. 

The rest of the pics below are fun things from Hoopfest weekend :) 

 Layla is already getting too big!! 

Layla is already getting too big!! 

 Brought a growler down by the river

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xoxo SJBS

Photography // Mitrovich Family

I just love this family. I've known them for a while now and nanny for little Addy pretty often. It has been such a joy to watch Addy grow and reach little milestones, and also see Rachel grow as a mama. I remember when Addy was just a few months old and now she is walking! Craziness. Well, we took these photos about mid-April in Cannon Park on the South Hill, and I just love that it captures the season of life right before Addy started walking fully on her own. How sweet!? First family photo session complete :) 

 Addy says, that's a wrap folks!

Addy says, that's a wrap folks!


Gig Harbor is such a beautiful place surrounded by evergreens, water and mountains. If you have never been you have to go! Especially Fox Island. I was lucky enough to grow up here, and it will always be home. I was really excited to shoot by the water with my gorgeous friend Christine. She has the best smile, and also the whitest teeth you will ever come in contact with! It was breezy out, but she was beautiful. As time passes, and jobs and adult life takes everyone different places, Christine has remained one of those few solid friends where nothing changes no matter how long it has been since we saw each other last. I love that about her.  


Sweet Haley

Babe alert coming at ya! This is my sweet friend Haley. I have known this beautiful girl since elementary school. Best friends running through Whitley Hills and Bird Park. Our childhoods were filled with constant play and imagination. It was the best. (I really miss those days!) I am privileged to hold so many dear memories with her. Haley is one of the most naturally STUNNING people you could ever meet. Her rich dark hair, fair complexion with a light dusting of adorable freckles, and those rosy cheeks...everything about her is just beautiful, including her heart. 

We set off to capture some 'evergreeny' photos during the rain, (typical Gig Harbor fashion...) and I've got to say- I am pretty in love with the outcome! I am diggin' the PNW vibe matched with Haley's cozy sweater and blanket. A little wanderlust for your weekend- Enjoy! xo


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