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Welcome! Cultivate Simplicity is a lifestyle blog, growing community, and small business shop. Welcome! I'm so glad you're here.

Cultivate Simplicity is born out of the desire to create a space for women to come be inspired, share real life, and grow in community and self-love. My blog started as an outlet while I struggled (and still do) with stress and dissatisfaction in myself and work. My goal is to cultivate simplicity, balance, and joy. Some days that might look like a cup of tea with slow, mindful sips. Other days it might look like a simple walk outside, or reading a great book and turning the devices off. Our fast-paced world is only getting busier and consuming more and more... instead I want to live a slow-paced life, consume experiences, and practice the art of being present in a moment. 

Among other things, this outlet has transitioned into a lifestyle blog where you can expect me to touch on topics like minimalist concepts, mindfulness, simple + slow living, relationships + marriage, and finding balance and contentment. In the spirit of community and accountability, you can also expect to hear about my on-going health and wellness journey. 

Thank you for being here. Let's get to know each other!

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Keep up with #MindfulnessMondays on the blog to gain knowledge and tips to apply mindfulness practices into your own life!


minimalist concepts

Slowly simplifying and decluttering our life and home has made huge impacts on our happiness + mental clarity! On the blog I often share about home inspiration and minimalist concepts.


essential oils

essential oils have played a huge role in my wellness journey and I love sharing about it! Join me on this heavenly scented adventure of self-care.


portrait photography

I love portrait photography and am currently re-focusing on a documentary style with an emphasis on unique fashion and making women feel confident + undeniably beautiful.


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